BLUE WAVE - Hôtel La nouvelle République

Blue Wave Location : Hôtel La Nouvelle République, Paris. 13,9 x 12,5 x 1,5 m  White nylon nets, blue nylon nets, polyester mirrors, steel cables In collaboration with Côme Rolin.

The artwork is a layering of different colors and degrees of transparencies of netting. The tensioning at certain points creates an immaterial volume for the mind to wander. With its imposing scale, the guest is projected into the artwork and immersed in its impalpable dimension. 

The use of construction netting is evocative of these structures that fleetingly appear in cities, phantoms of the buildings they conceal. The evanescent aspect of the material is here used to make the rigidity of the wall disappear. 

Each window opens onto a segment, fragmenting the vision of the whole. Games of transparency and reflections evolve with the sun’s path rendering the creation elusive in its entirety, and offers itself as a infinite sequence of transformations.